Patch Fittings

Patch Fittings For Glass Doors in Hyderabad - Door Patch Lock & Fittings

Our product line includes a wide range of acp cladding service, acp sheet cladding service, acp sheet cladding, acp structural glazing service, aluminum composite panel (ACP) cladding service and aluminum composite panel (ACP) sheet.Patch fittings are frameless glass design options for commercial and residential projects. They are easy to install, clean, and use. Patch fittings come in three different types: adhesive-mounted, screw-mounted, or nail-mounted. The advantage of the last two is that they provide extra support for the patch glass if it needs to be removed for cleaning or other.

Patch fittings frameless concepts have various types like frameless glass doors, frameless fixed glass, Over panel glass with different design options like top and bottom patch fittings, top patch fittings bottom insert and top and bottom inserted to the floor and roof respectively. Patch fittings need the best support from civil engineering both in the top and bottom.

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